Two Ideas for a Hillside Property

A dreary plot of land on a slight slope is being redesigned. We present two design ideas with planting plans.

The starting point for our design ideas: The hillside property is largely undesigned except for a retaining wall. The integration of the old water house in the background is a particular challenge

The hillside property looks a bit drab, despite the terrace on the building and the differences in height. The eye-catcher is an old water house on the slope, the entrance of which gives the garden a romantic flair. The aim of our design ideas: The lawns should now be used better and the slope and the existing seating should be visually connected to the terrace.

Suggestion 1: Colorful frame for the barbecue area

Lush herbaceous beds along the terrace and on the opposite slope provide more flowers and color. Blue, violet and yellow dominate these areas, complemented by the calm green of ornamental grasses. The terrace bed frames the existing paved area in a curved shape and leaves a narrow path made of stepping plates that leads through the borders out onto the lawn.

The barbecue area, a circular paved area with a mobile fireplace and flexible tree trunk stools, nestles against the slope

To cut out the barbecue area, the existing wall was extended in an S-shape to the left in the direction of the water house. The same plants are repeated above the wall as in the patio bed. At the very top, accessible via a narrow staircase along the water house, there is a round, paved seating area. In order to give it a back cover and a privacy screen, the rear half is framed with tall wooden sticks on which fresh green hops climb.

As a direct route to the barbecue area, a few round step plates lead from the terrace through the herbaceous bed. Its heyday has its peak in the summer months

The yellow sun bride ensures the first flowers from May – those who want it colorful beforehand can add daffodils, tulips or grape hyacinths to the bed. In June the pale yellow girl’s eye ‘Moonbeam’ opens its flower stars. It looks really lush when summer comes: cream-colored candles, purple sea lavender, blue spherical thistle and violet verbena, yellow coneflower, white star cloud aster ‘Snowbank’, yellow gold-haired aster and small blue rhomb ‘Little Spire’ from August Stuff. The green tufts of diamond grass, which from September develops silvery-white, very decorative ears of wheat, look like a small optical haven of calm in the midst of this blooming spectacle.

Suggestion 2: Summer dream with fairytale roses

In addition to the existing ivy, the old water house is adorned by a large shrub rose – this is how the historical building looks enchanted instead of mighty. The picturesque ‘Eden Rose 85’ has lush, densely double flowers and reaches a height of two meters. Another bush is on the retaining wall behind the apple tree. By carefully pruning, the rose is a little lower here.

The garden also gets a romantic flair from the rose arbor on the small hill

The fragrant climbing roses ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Nahéma’ (pink) climb up the rose arbor. A small lavender bed is in bloom on the slope in front of it, framed by a row of the ground cover rose ‘Snowflake’. As a contrast to its white flowers, purple-leaved sage grows on the stairs in front of it.

At the foot of the slope the ‘Eden Rose 85’ and pink bush clover bloom side by side. Behind it are a red and a black currant in the meadow

In order to visually merge the slope and the terrace on the house, sage and ground cover rose are repeated in the terrace bed. They were combined with bluebells and stone whorls. In summer, lavender and the Baby Barnsley ’bush vase bloom in pots on the terrace, the latter well into October. For spring blooms, you could plant pink tulips or white daffodils around the seat. After the apple blossom, Siberian irises provide splashes of color on the meadow, followed by the red fruits of the summer apple ‘Piros’.

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