Spring Cleaning in the Garden

In spring, the first warm rays of sun lure us into the garden. Before you can relax and enjoy it again, you have to do some spring cleaning. This is how you get garden furniture, terraces and the like ready for the new season.

Pressure washers are versatile. They can be used to clean garden tools and insensitive furniture. Pay attention to the correct water pressure

Now the first warm days are coming and tempt you to spend a sunny hour in a deck chair. But first the spring cleaning is due: the garden furniture is dusty in the winter storage and the cold season has left its mark on the terrace and paths.

In this way, garden furniture is ready for the new season again

A high-pressure cleaner quickly removes dust and cobwebs from insensitive furniture made of plastic or aluminum. You should be careful with wooden furniture, the hard water jet can tear the wood fibers. It is better to wipe the furniture with a damp cloth. Wood is a natural product and changes over the years. The sunlight fades the typical wood colors and the furniture turns gray. If you don’t like the silvery tone, you can bring out the original wood color: First a “graying agent” is applied, then oiled. Important: clean the furniture thoroughly before applying. If the surface is rough and badly weathered, it is best to sand it down beforehand. There are products on the market that are tailored to the different types of wood.

Terrace floors, paths and driveways also want to be freed from dirt. Depending on the material, the high-pressure cleaner can also do a good job here. But be careful if, for example, joints can be rinsed out. Even wooden decks can be cleaned with special attachments. The same applies here as with wooden furniture: a coat of paint creates stronger colors. In addition, rain rolls off waxed or oiled wood better, which can extend the shelf life.

Use garden tools for cleaning: For the connector systems from Gardena, Wolf-Garten and Fiskars, for example, there are practical attachments such as brooms and gutter cleaners. Telescopic handles give you a greater reach than normal brooms. Special brushes or brooms can be connected to the garden hose, which are ideal for cleaning the windows of conservatories and greenhouses or for scrubbing floors.

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