Tomatoes and Peppers Straight From the Balcony


Fresh vegetables should not be missing on any menu and are even healthier if they are picked by yourself. How about tomatoes and peppers straight from the balcony?

Growing vegetables and fruit, watching the plants grow, caring for them and finally harvesting the fruit – that is what fascinates more and more people. Many hobby gardeners are now again creating a vegetable garden between their ornamental plants, because vegetables from their own harvest offer many advantages: They have no long transport routes or storage times behind them, are full of taste, rich in vitamins and free of pesticides. But you don’t necessarily need a garden to grow it. Many types of vegetables and fruits can also be grown in pots and tubs on the balcony or terrace.

Best location for the balcony

South-east or south-west balconies are particularly suitable for the heat-loving tomato and pepper plants. Heat is not a problem for them. The sunnier they are, the better they can thrive. A place directly on the house wall is an advantage. Here the plants are protected from strong winds and cannot kink easily. In addition, the walls store heat during the day, which they release back into the environment at night.

For optimal growth, the nightshade family needs a very nutrient-rich soil that is loose and air-permeable. It doesn’t matter whether the container in which the young plants are placed is made of clay, ceramic or plastic. “The main thing is that it is stable and offers enough space so that the roots can spread out easily. Large pots with a volume of ten to 20 liters are recommended. ”To avoid waterlogging, the containers should have holes on the underside.

Always support tomato plants

Most tomato and pepper varieties need a support in order to be able to support the weight of their fruit without any problems. So that the roots are not damaged later, it is advisable to put them in the pot when planting the young plants. Bars made of bamboo, wood or plastic are suitable as well as bars or trellises. To ensure sufficient hold, the plants should always be fastened with garden bast or clips. This is only not necessary with special spiral rods.

High nutritional needs

Both peppers and tomatoes have high water and nutrient requirements. The soil must always be kept slightly moist. Especially in the hot summer months it can be helpful to cover them with straw, because this way the moisture is better stored. Basically, vegetables should always be watered early in the morning or in the evening. With tomatoes in particular, make sure not to pour them over the leaf, but always on the foot. Wetting the foliage promotes fungal infestation. For this reason, locations protected from rain are also ideal for the plants.

Care tips for balcony vegetables

Of course, water alone is not enough to give tomatoes and peppers enough energy to make lots of aromatic fruits. From the beginning of flowering, the plants should be given fertilizer once a week; Biorga tomato fertilizer, for example, has proven itself. This liquid fertilizer is suitable for organic farming and is precisely tailored to the nutrient requirements of the plants. Among other things, it supplies them with the necessary nitrogen and potassium. In order to achieve even better harvest results, it can make sense to remove the side shoots of the plants from some tomato and pepper varieties. The main shoot then develops significantly larger fruits.

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