Garden Shed Lighting – Tips & Ideas


With the right garden shed lighting, you create light and comfort at the same time. Thanks to my ideas, you will no longer be in the dark in the future.

I would like to claim that the garden shed, next to the barbecue area, is the focal point of every allotment gardener. At least when it comes to the relaxation factor. The garden house combines the living room, kitchen and small workshop. In bad weather you can make yourself comfortable in the garden house, or after a nice evening with friends, you can spend the night there. However, if the garden house has no lighting, you are literally groping in the dark.

A flashlight will probably help in an emergency, but in the long run it is certainly not a solution. That’s why I’ll give you a few tips below on how lighting in and around the garden shed can look.

Electricity in the garden house – 3 options

The basic requirement for an illuminated garden house is of course electricity. Which variant of the power supply is best for you depends on your local conditions.

Lay underground cables from the house connection
If the garden is on your own property, i.e. by the house, the power supply is relatively easy to implement. All you have to do is lay an underground cable from the house connection. The billing takes place here via the electricity meter of the private connection.

Apply for a new power connection
It looks different if the garden is not on your own property. A new power connection must then be requested, provided it is possible to connect to the public grid. In order to keep the future electricity costs under control, I recommend, as with a normal house connection, to start an electricity comparison with Verivox in advance – in my opinion, the comparison portal is the clearest and the cheapest electricity provider in the region is determined quickly.

Mobile power generator
If it is not possible to provide a power connection in your garden, there is still the option of setting up a generator. Mobile power generators run on petrol or diesel and can therefore be used anywhere. When using in the garden, however, you should use a quiet power generator from the specialist dealer so that the noise level does not disturb you or your garden neighbors.

Garden shed lighting without electricity

For the environmentally conscious and all those garden shed owners for whom a conventional power connection is not possible, I recommend controlling the lighting via solar. One or more solar panels are mounted on the roof, store the sun there during the day and transfer them to your lighting when required. Incidentally, the energy generated can also be used outdoors. However, newcomers should inform themselves before buying, so that the desired model also fits your local conditions. The best thing to do is to read the solar system guide in advance or seek advice from the provider on site.

Garden shed lighting – 3 ideas

Once the question of the right power connection has been clarified, the next step is to choose the light source. Here you are completely flexible and the good thing about it is that you can combine several lamps and lights.

1. Lamps in the garden house – like at home

For many garden owners, the small green space is a second home. The furnishing style of the living area is therefore often also reflected in the garden house. Almost all lamps that you would also use in the living room and co. Can therefore be used for lighting in the garden house. For your own safety, however, make sure that there are no cables in the way or hanging unfavorably from the ceiling when installing the lights.

2. LED lighting for the garden house

Do you want clear, bright light without using unnecessary electricity? Then the decision should be made in favor of LED lamps. The inexpensive lamps are available as ceiling spotlights, wall lights and also in the form of a tube of light. Light tubes are now all the rage, as the brightness can be set individually and even a color change can be set. If you choose a model with a remote control, you can control the desired intensity from the comfort of your armchair. Another advantage: LED lamps are optionally available for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Cosiness with the right lighting

Garden shed lighting does not always have to be bright and glaring. Anyone who retreats inside when the weather is bad, or who would like to spend a cozy evening in the garden house with friends, will surely like to be cozy. Indirect lighting or warm light are just the thing for these occasions. You will now have candles in front of your eyes, which in principle there is nothing wrong with. However, garden sheds are mostly made of wood and the space is used to the full by furniture and decoration. Not paying attention once and the little paradise is on fire. I have two alternatives up my sleeve for you:

  1. Flameless candles

Flameless candles work with LED technology and batteries and can now hardly be distinguished from real wax candles. These artificial candles can also flicker and create an atmospheric atmosphere. If you choose a set with a timer that can be programmed in advance, your garden shed will shine as soon as you enter it.

2. Bottle lights

The idea is simple, the effect is terrific! Bottles with integrated light are among the current decoration trends and are also ideal for creating cozy light in the garden house. If you have a creative hand, you can make your own bottle lights, if you want to go faster, stop by the local hardware store. Here you will find models with fairy lights or with lampshades – desired lighting for the next garden house party is guaranteed!

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