A Flower Frame for the Pavement


Integrating a paved patio into the garden is not the easiest exercise. A good transition can be achieved with the right choice of plants. Here you will find two ideas for copying.

This paved space can be beautifully designed with the right plants

You imagine a nice seat differently: It is spacious, but the concrete pavement merges into the lawn without any ornamental planting. Even the two noble stone figures do not really come into their own without a flower backdrop.

Suggestion 1: Soft colors for cozy hours

No matter what time of day, light flower colors look cheerful and refreshing. This is shown above all by the creamy yellow climbing rose, Moonlight ’, whose flowers shine for a long time in the evening. The lavender willow adds a nice finish to the garage. This broadly bushy shrub with upright shoots grows up to two meters high and wide and is therefore an ideal privacy screen.

A two meter wide planting strip loosens the transition between the paved area and the lawn

In the left, smaller bed, the existing stone figure is stylishly staged with lavender and the orange-pink bed rose ‘Vinesse’. On the right-hand bed, which also extends almost to the garage wall, there are purple steppe sage, orange-yellow yarrow and yellow-flowered girl’s eye. Noticeable in the middle is the also yellow blooming fire herb. This perennial also looks very decorative in autumn and winter and is therefore only cut back in late winter. At the foot of the existing tree in the right-hand bed, tall, blue-flowering umbels and a second lavender willow get along well. Modern aluminum furniture and the pastel-colored paint on the long garage wall give the seat a cozy atmosphere for the open-air season.

Suggestion 2: Red roses with green accompaniment

This suggestion is exactly the right thing for lovers of the classic-looking garden who definitely do not want to do without red roses. A low box hedge between the paved area and the bed ensures that everything stays in perfect order. It runs from the seat into the garden and thus delimits a small lawn path that leads into the garden. This transition is so that two equally long, two-meter-wide beds are created towards the lawn.

The accompanying planting gives the seat a wonderfully beautiful setting

Real eye-catchers in the symmetrically planted beds and in pots in front of the garage wall are the fragrant red hybrid tea high trunks ‘Scent Magic 84’. Also in red, the filled net-leaf peony and the decorative dahlia ‘Rebeccas World’ stand out. In delicate white, cranesbill spreads out under the rose stems, from summer to autumn the white bowl blossoms of the magical autumn anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ appear. In the garage, the fragrant pipe bush, which blooms in summer, keeps curious glances away. Between the flower stars in the beds and pots, evergreen box cones and the lamp-cleaning grass provide a beautiful, calm counterpoint.

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