Easy-Care Garden Plants: These 12 Always Grow!


Are you looking for plants that do little work in the garden and still give you pleasure for a long time? Then you should reach for these easy-care garden plants.

Globe thistles, here Echinops ritro, are very frugal garden plants that make little demands on the location

If you take the saying “Only the tough come into the garden” literally, then it applies to these particularly easy-care garden plants. Whether perennials with lush flowers or meter-high woody plants, as different as the plants are, they all have one thing in common – they need little care and are also forgiving of one or the other care mistake.

Easy-care garden plants – frugal perennials

These six easy-care garden shrubs hardly need any attention and do not grow rampant. So you don’t have to keep digging behind the plants to direct them to their places. In addition, they do not age and can stay in the same location for years. After all, what good are beautiful flowers or easy-care plants if you have to replace them every few years or share them to rejuvenate? The soil conditions are relatively irrelevant to these plants, the main thing is that it is not soaking wet.

These perennials are easy to care for garden plants

  • Cranesbill
  • Daylily
  • Ruthenian ball thistle
  • Steppe sage
  • Bergenia
  • Elven flower

Cranesbill (geranium species)

Cranesbill is a long-lived, easy-care garden plant and very diverse with many species and varieties. All are easy to care for and robust against pests or diseases, the Balkan cranesbill (Geranium macrorrhizum) tolerates dry shade, while the blood cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum) prefers to grow in the sun, but can also cope with drought.

Day lily (Hemerocallis hybrids)

Each flower only lasts for one day, these particularly adaptable and undemanding plants ensure that there is a constant supply of supplies. Although daylilies like fresh soil in the sun or partial shade, they also survive summer dry periods very well. Daylilies are particularly good in the garden in groups, but are also suitable for standing alone. Annual maintenance is already done with proper fertilization in spring.

Daylilies are particularly easy-care perennials and have no problem with longer dry periods in summer

Ruthenian globe thistle (Echinops ritro)

When talking about easy-care garden plants, spherical thistles with their striking flowers should not be missing from July to September. Except for locations in the shade, everything is fine with the robust plants. It can be permeable soil, but the perennials accept loamy to stony soils without complaint and have no problems with summer drought. Globe thistles are very good food plants for bees.

Steppe Sage (Salvia nemorosa)

These plants are neither edible nor, like the classic sage, have a healing effect, but they are particularly easy to care for and persistent. This property and its striking flowers make the steppe sage a particularly popular plant for sunny gardens. The steppe sage varieties are particularly undemanding and grow even on dry sandy soils with little water. The main thing is that the soil is permeable, because moisture affects garden plants, especially in winter.

Bergenia (Bergenia)

Whether sun, shade or drought and even on the crowns of dry stone walls – Bergenia don’t bother anywhere, are easy to care for and, if necessary, get by with little water. If they could choose, however, the plants in the garden would choose fresh and nutritious soil and they would only bloom reliably in the sun. In the shade they grow as evergreen plants.

Elven flower (Epimedium species and hybrids)

Whether red elf flower (Epimedium x rubrum) or Epimedium x versicolor, many of these perennials are vigorous, but absolutely not rampant and insensitive to root pressure and drought. This makes them ideal for underplanting woody plants, the fall foliage of which the elven flowers simply make disappear in their dense foliage in autumn. Species originating from Asia, like Epimedium grandiflorum, are slower.

Elven flowers are ideal for planting under trees in the garden and are also wonderfully vigorous – but without being intrusive

Easy-care garden plants – robust trees

To cut? What for? These trees grow just fine without regular pruning! Maintenance? What’s this? Just give a little water every now and then. Sandy or Loamy? It does not matter, these easy-care trees grow on all common garden soils, do not sow themselves with pests, actually never get sick and can cope with summer dry periods without any problems.

These trees belong to the garden plants that are easy to care for

  • Copper rock pear
  • Butterfly bush
  • Kolkwitzie
  • liguster
  • Cornelian cherry
  • Woolly snowball

Copper rock pear (Amelanchier lamarckii)

Whether moist or calcareous, the robust, up to six meter high large shrubs or small trees thrive on any garden soil. These easy-care garden plants delight with white flowers in April and May, have edible fruits from July and an intense autumn color. Rock pears do not age and tolerate clearing cuts if the growth pattern does not suit you.

Butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii)

The two to three meter high garden plants can cope with high levels of sunlight as well as poor soil. The huge panicles of flowers appear between June and October, depending on the variety, and are absolute butterfly magnets. The butterfly bushes bloom on annual shoots and are simply cut off at a height in early spring. It is enough if two to four buds remain from the previous year’s flowering shoots.

The copper rock pear is an easy-care garden plant that has something to offer all year round: great flowers in early summer, edible fruits in summer and spectacular autumn colors

Kolkwitzia (Kolkwitzia amabilis)

Whether in the sun or in the shade, everything is fine with the bushes, although the flowering in the sun is more abundant. Any common garden soil is suitable, of course – as with most plants – it should ideally be permeable and humus, but in the case of the Kolkwitzia not too rich in nutrients. Temporary drought is not a problem, waterlogging is.

Privet (Ligustrum vulgare)

The up to four meters high, evergreen shrub can withstand sun and shade equally and does not place any special demands on the soil. Even occasional flooding is not a problem. These extremely easy-care garden plants grow as solitary plants, but privet can also be planted as a hedge.

If you are looking for an easy-care garden plant that also has something to offer the animals in the garden, then the Wooly Snowball is the right choice

Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas)

Whether heat and drought, shade or wind: the garden plants, which are up to eight meters high, are tough. Cornelian cherries usually have multiple stems and bloom as early as February, the fruits are edible. As long as the soil is not waterlogging, the shrubs are fine in almost any location.

Woolly snowball (Viburnum lantana)

Care is an absolute foreign word for the woolly snowball. He is very adaptable and loves sun and partial shade. The four meter high shrubs grow on sandy-stony soils as well as on clay soils. The earth is ideally nutritious and dry to fresh. If necessary, woolly snowball can be thinned out and cut well – a regular cut is not a must.

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