Colorful Privacy Screens

In newly created gardens, privacy is often not far off because there is no suitable privacy screen. With these attractive planting suggestions, a clear new building plot is shielded from prying eyes.

The starting point for our design ideas: The property consists largely of a lawn and is easily visible from the neighboring properties

The newly planted garden is hardly shielded from the seating area and tool shed on the neighboring property. The bedding areas have so far been very sparsely planted with trees and ferns, and the garden is dominated by green lawns.

Suggestion 1: Colorful flowers

Many people only feel comfortable in their garden when it is well protected from prying eyes. So set nice boundaries for the property. This can be done easily with hedges, fences or privacy screens. Here the garden borders directly on the neighbour’s seating area. Screen elements made of willow screen off unwanted glances. In front of it there is a wide, curved bed with perennials, ornamental shrubs and roses; tulips bloom here in spring.

In our first design idea, we opted for a privacy screen made from willow

A Belgian spear bush that blooms in June was planted as higher elements in the front left area, and a rock pear in the corner of the privacy fence, which catches the eye with its orange-red foliage in autumn. The pink and white inflorescences of the Kolkwitzia on the right in the bed enrich the garden from May to June and are popular with bees and bumblebees because of their scent.

In the bed, tuffs alternate from perennials, which mainly bloom in June / July. Also included are blue delphinium, violet-blue forest bellflower, red lupine, light blue beard iris and yellow-green blooming lady’s mantle. Surrounded by delphinium, the historic rose variety ‘Rose de Resht’ shines with its magical fuchsia-red scented flowers in June.

Suggestion 2: stylish color combination

Gray and blue tones give the garden a modern feel. Screen elements made of aluminum separate the garden from the neighbors. The clematis ‘Perle d’Azur’ climbs on the lattice elements and opens light blue flowers in June / July. The lawn area is reduced in size in favor of a U-shaped bed. The planting consists of grasses, ornamental shrubs, roses and perennials.

In our second design idea, we use covered privacy screen elements

The upright riding grass rises in various places in the bed, as does the blue rute (Perovskia), which bears blue flowers on silvery branches from July to October. In between, purple lavender and gray-leaved woolen ziest (stachys) are planted. The crown light carnation (Silene coronaria) shines from July to August with purple flowers above gray-felt leaves. The ball leek (Allium sphaerocephalon), which opens egg-shaped wine-red flowers over thin stems in midsummer, is striking among the perennials. He keeps coming back to the same place and sowing himself without being intrusive.

With the long flowering time from June to September, the robust white flowering small shrub rose ‘Snowflake’ also fits perfectly into the sunny bed. In autumn the sedum (Sedum ‘Herbstfreude’) really does trumps. Two column hornbeams complement the flowery border.

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