Fresh Momentum for a Covered Terrace


The small covered terrace still looks like a foreign body to the house. Our design idea turns it into a homely place to stay.

The roofed terrace should be friendlier, brighter and more comfortable. A small barbecue area is also on the wish list

The hedge was shortened slightly to make room for a grill. The wooden wall is painted turquoise. In addition, two rows of concrete slabs were newly laid, but not to the front of the lawn, so that the bed continues to reach the terrace. It provides root space for the clematis ‘H. F. Young ’climbing up the left post on a trellis. It shows its flowers both in May and in late summer.

With its rust look, the fireplace is a real gem in the garden. It is not only used for grilling and baking pizzas, but also provides cozy warmth on cool evenings. The colored paint on the back wall makes the covered terrace look like it has been transformed. The turquoise goes well with the dark brown of the posts. The old window that was attached to the back wall is painted the same brown. Instead of glass, it is provided with a mirror.

An upholstered wooden bench with large cushions ensures comfort on the terrace. There is always a place for family and guests. The solar light chain conjures up garden party flair at the seat

There are two potted plants in front of the posts, which take the weight out of the patio roof and ensure that it blends harmoniously into the garden. The tubs are planted with a sun hat ‘Goldsturm’ (left) and Chinese reed ‘Gnome’ (right). They show their best side in late summer and autumn.

Flower bed in blue, yellow and white

The first thing in March is the white spotted lungwort ‘Trevi Fountain’ to open its buds. The day lily ‘May Queen’ follows in May. Their grassy foliage brings variety to the bed. The white cranesbill ‘Saint Ola’ also blooms early and is adorned with pretty foliage. It fills the gaps as a ground cover. From July the phlox ‘David’ shows its white umbels. At the same time, the ‘Bela’ farmer’s hydrangea begins to flower, which has to be supplied with “hydrangea blue” every year so that it does not turn pink. Your flower balls are an asset until winter. The small blue rhomb ‘Little Spire’ grows on the left in the bed and creates the transition to the herb hill that adjoins the bed. Their bright blue can be seen from August. At the same time, coneflowers and Chinese reeds bloom – not only in the bed, but also in the tub.

Planting plan and shopping list

The planting plan for the design idea

1) Phlox ‘David’ (Phlox amplifolia), white flowers from July to September, 120 centimeters high, 2 pieces; 10 €
2) Chinese reed ‘Gnome’ (Miscanthus sinensis), pink flowers from August to October, 140 centimeters high, 2 pieces; 15 €
3) Farmer’s hydrangea ‘Bela’ (Hydrangea macrophylla), blue flowers from July to October, 150 centimeters high, 100 centimeters wide, inflorescences as winter decorations, 1 piece; 20 €
4) Little blue rue ‘Little Spire’ (Perovskia atriplicifolia), blue flowers in August and September, 80 centimeters high, 1 piece; 10 €
5) Coneflower ‘Goldsturm’ (Rudbeckia fulgida var. Sullivantii), yellow flowers from August to October, 80 centimeters high, seed heads as winter decorations, 3 pieces; 10 €
6) Cranesbill ‘Saint Ola’ (Geranium x cantabrigiense), pink-white flowers from May to July, 30 centimeters high, 11 pieces; 25 €
7) Lungwort ‘Trevi Fountain’ (Pulmonaria), blue to purple flowers from March to May, evergreen, white dotted leaves, 30 centimeters high, 14 pieces; 70 €
8) Daylily ‘May Queen’ (Hemerocallis), yellow flowers in May and June, 60 centimeters high, 3 pieces; 15 €
9) Clematis ‘H. F. Young ’, climbing up to 3 meters, blue flowers in May and June, second flowering in August and September, 1 piece; 10 €

(All prices are average prices, which may vary depending on the provider.)

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