Comfortable Seats for Larger Groups

Enjoy the garden in a larger group and sit comfortably in the open with your guests: these wishes can be easily realized with our two design suggestions and planting plans.

The starting point for our design proposals

The area to be planned on the house wall is on the north side and is in the shade for many hours a day. In addition, the old wooded area is showing its age and has become overgrown. The family wants a nice seat for the summer time, where people can gather together in a larger group.

Suggestion 1: Inviting terrace with a living atmosphere

Clearly organized and designed in a modern way: this is how the area on the north side of the house is presented in this design idea. Red and white tones determine the design. They can be found both in the flowers of the plants and in the furniture and contribute to a harmonious overall impression.

The terrace as the centerpiece quickly catches the eye with its stylish seating furniture in red and gray

The generous wooden platform, which can be reached via two wide concrete steps and on which there is space for larger groups, forms the haven of peace. Four shapely spherical trees, placed at the corners, frame the seat – here the steppe cherry ’Globosa’ was chosen, which impresses with its dense crown and pronounced robustness.

A nice addition to the seating area are the narrow strips of bedding on the terrace, which also run along the low strip of wall, where another spherical tree has been planted. The beds are planted with chickweed, shadow sedge and the ’Invincible’ funkie. In between, the candle knotweed ’Blackfield’ grows loosely and grows up to a meter high and proudly presents its dark red flower candles from July to October. A small fire bowl in a rust design is placed on the lawn in front of it and creates a cozy atmosphere in the evening. If necessary, line the fire bowl with gravel or create a small, flat paved area.

The fiery red flower box in a modern design on feet is a practical decorative element and, with its striking color, fits well into the design concept. The planting with the white pile of the annual magic snow ’Diamond Frost’, which lasts into autumn, creates a great contrast to this. The candle knotweed ‘Blackfield’ blooms in the background

Outdoor fuchsia, funkie, forest goat’s beard and a large red ornamental banana in the pot feel at home on the house wall, enriching the atmosphere with tropical flair. Modern dark red chairs in spaghetti design add to the comfort, as do the white, tall floor lamps on the terrace, which bathe the garden in a cozy light after sunset.

Suggestion 2: lounge island for relaxing hours garden

An airy pergola made of gray lacquered wood spans the new terrace behind the house. The concrete water basin (100 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep) running along three sides turns it into a kind of peninsula. This effect is supported by the fact that the seat is slightly lowered. The covering made of natural white, large-format concrete slabs (80 x 80 centimeters) brightens the shady area and thin curtains billowing in the wind lend it a sense of lightness.

Slim, low wicker furniture was chosen as the furniture for the seat. The garden is accessed via a color-coordinated wooden walkway

The strip of lawn above is lined with a purple and a purple clematis on the wall of the house. Since it is a listed building, they grow in plant boxes with an integrated trellis. With them, the house wall can be greened without drilling holes. In addition, narrow perennial beds provide color. garden

Pink autumn anemones, purple lily clusters and gnarled cranesbills bloom on the stairs. The large leaves belong to Bergenia. The bushes are snowballs. The water basin creates a special atmosphere

On the drawing it is July / August, so that the woodruff, which blooms in spring, and the white bergenias have already faded. Instead, splendid red spiers, gnarled cranesbills, lily grapes and autumn anemones shine along the wall. The selected variety ’Pretty Lady Susan’ is extremely low at just 40 centimeters high and flowers for a long time: from June to October. The 40 to 60 centimeter high white outdoor begonia even blooms from July to November. It needs slightly moist, well-drained soil and should be covered with a layer of leaves in winter.

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