In the terraced house garden you usually sit on the terrace as if on a presentation plate. Appropriate planting provides privacy and colorful flowers around the seat. We present you with two design ideas.

The starting point for our design proposals: a bare lawn

The gardens are often close together, especially in terraced houses. A colorful privacy screen ensures more privacy on the terrace and separates the individual plots from each other.

Suggestion 1: Romantic rose beds

The classic way to separate gardens from one another is to plant a hedge. An evergreen yew hedge about two meters high shields this small garden from prying eyes all year round. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, a passage allows you to share gardening tools, among other things.

Our first design idea is dominated by roses

In front of dense green hedges, roses in particular come into their own, and not only in large parks. Roses in pastel colors look very fresh on this small area. The apricot-colored climbing rose ‘Aloha’ and the orange-yellow blooming standard rose ‘Aprikola’, which has a pink shimmer, exude a delicate fragrance. In the beds on the terrace surrounded by a low box hedge, caramel-colored bed roses of the ‘Tendence’ variety set the tone.

The violet-blue steppe sage adds strong splashes of color to the beds. The small, star-shaped, light blue flowers of the forest phlox already glow from the end of April. There is also room for summer flowers such as purple petunias in the small beds. The nice thing about annual plants is that you can try new varieties with different colors next year. White pillow asters ensure abundant flowering into autumn.

Suggestion 2: Colorful gravel garden

If you don’t like your green garden border so close, you can make it a little looser. Two round-crowned robinia mark the end of the bed here. At your feet, a bed of various flowering ornamental shrubs with a low growth height will be laid out. Compact finger shrubs with yellow flowers blend in very nicely. They also inspire with their long flowering time from June to September. Just as beautiful as it is easy to care for are the pink flowering weigela with yellow-edged leaves and the sparaceous bushes with yellow-green leaves and a summer blossom in dark pink.

Our second design idea is a gravel garden in which locust trees mark the end of the beds

In the foreground of the beds, the areas are covered with coarse pebbles. In between, the gray-green clumps of the Schillergrass, the cheerful, colorful Icelandic poppy and the large pink-white flower balls of the blue-tongue leek ensure a relaxed, as if by chance, company.

The spherical privet in pots go perfectly with the high spherical robinia. However, these spherical trees in pots that are on the terrace and in the lawn are not sufficiently hardy. They should be set up frost-free and bright over winter. The care of the beds is limited to a plant-friendly pruning of the plants in spring.

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