A Seat Becomes a Cozy Focal Point

A seat should not be missing in any garden. With our two design ideas, it becomes a popular focus in the garden. Including planting plans for downloading and printing.

The starting point for our design proposals

In the allotment garden there is a lack of places to stay – the tenants who like to spend a lot of time in the garden want a cozy seat and also some shade. A fireplace would also be an advantage to end the evenings in good company.

Suggestion 1: Blossom start on the natural stone rondel

The focal point in the garden corner is a round seat, which is framed by a half-height natural stone dry stone wall. The warm sandstone tones of the wall and the pavement match the natural style. Accordingly, the wood and metal furniture was chosen cautiously. The planting bowls, in which white ball primroses bloom, are also an ornament. In the stone joints on the top of the wall, stone cabbage and cushion bellflower thrive, which loosely green the inside of the wall and add beautiful splashes of color from June onwards.

Round shapes as well as yellow and white colors contribute to the harmonious effect of this design idea

A varied bedding was created on the back of the dry stone wall. Tall species such as dark mullein, grass lily, atlas fescue and evening primrose create a delightful coexistence between lower flowers such as stone quendula ‘Triumphator’ and pale yellow clover. Flowering meadow daisies in round island beds loosen up the lawn and are a great eye-catcher with their characteristic white flowers in May and June – they can be enjoyed especially well from the lounger.

The willow-leaved pear ‘Pendula’, which is only about four to seven meters high and is ideal for small areas, is a nice source of shade. With its silvery foliage, it is often confused with the olive.

A secluded spot now awaits the tenants in their allotment garden. It blooms profusely in the bed under the willow-leaved pear, which is also sought out by insects. The dry stone wall also offers lizards and beetles an important shelter

The old chain link fence on the property line has been replaced by a charming picket fence. In front of this, a semicircular bed has been created in which ball primroses, stone quendula ‘Triumphator’ and dark mullein feel comfortable. A round vegetable patch has been set up on the right-hand side in which French beans and lettuce grow.

Suggestion 2: A cozy place under the pergola

The hexagonal wooden construction offers some shade surrounded by the trumpet flower and at the same time allows the smoke from the fireplace to escape easily. The terrace surface is made of gravel and is therefore not critical if there are flying sparks. If you want to use the area under the pergola as a seat, you can replace the brick fireplace with a large bowl. This can be flexibly exchanged for a table. The varnish makes the spruce beams of the pergola weatherproof all year round and also provides color all year round.

The slats screwed onto the pergola give the construction stability and the lush trumpet flower a support surface

If you take the path over the step plates and lightly brush the thyme leaves, a spicy scent rises. The selected Thymus doerfleri ‘Bressingham Seedling’ forms only five to ten centimeters high cushions. As a young plant it is not that pretty, but it does get really nice and dense. Grape hyacinths have spread around the lawn. Wherever they feel comfortable, they grow wild and from March onwards, bees and bumblebees offer a rich flower buffet. The Chinese gold rose smells in the bed from the end of May and lavender in June. In late summer, the flowers of the yellow summer lilac give off a sweet smell and also attract butterflies to sit down.

Ivy on the chain link fence provides a beautiful background for the planting of pearl grass, palm lily (yucca) and lavender. Tomatoes grow in the vegetable patch to the right

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