For Replanting: A Pavilion for Connoisseurs

Protected from the midday sun and surrounded by colorful flowers, you can relax and listen to the splashing of a small water feature – a garden idea with a pavilion for replanting.

The starting point for our design proposal: A pavilion for connoisseurs is being created here

After the garage was converted, a terrace was created behind it, which at the moment still looks very empty. A comfortable, inviting seating area is to be created here. The space in the corner needs sun protection, a flowering frame and plants that hide the bare walls.

Romantic roof over your head

The filigree iron pavilion with a fabric roof shades the corner on sunny, hot days, but also offers some protection in light rain. It also removes the severity of the high walls. The narrow planting strip along the fence is continued around the corner and now frames the seating area appropriately. Filigree eyelash pearl grass, yellow-green columnar juniper ‘Gold Cone’, pink-red dwarf roses ‘Flirt 2011’, violet catnip ‘Superba’, white splendid candle ‘Whirling Butterflies’, permanent blue cranesbill ‘Rozanne’ and the two-tone clematis ‘Fond Memories’ thrive here. . All plants are repeated in the plant boxes behind the seating area, which creates a harmonious picture.

The roof of the pavilion must be removed in heavy rain showers and storms. The scaffolding is also not designed for snow loads, so it is best to remove the fabric completely in winter

The clematis ‘Fond Memories’ climbs up the front post and, when planted out in the bed, grows so vigorously that it even adorns the cross braces a bit. The flowers are bicolored and appear from June to October. When planting, make sure that the plant is placed at an angle to the post and is fixed there. Clematis like cool feet, so the cranesbill planted in front of them provides shade.

Trellis and plant troughs

In order to be able to green the walls under the roof, plant troughs with integrated trellises offer the appropriate root space. The same clematis as in the front of the corner post climbs up the bars and conjures up blooming walls that look like living wallpaper.

Plant plan and shopping list

The planting plan for our design idea

1) Small periwinkle ‘Anna’ (Vinca minor), evergreen foliage, blue flowers from May to September, approx. 20 centimeters high, 8 pieces; 25 euros
2) Eyelash pearl grass (Melica ciliata), filigree stalks and pretty flower rollers from May to June, 60 centimeters high, 3 pieces; 10 Euro
3) Juniper ‘Gold Cone’ (Juniperus communis), yellow-green, not piercing, up to 3 meters high, smaller in a pot, 2 pieces 40 to 60 centimeters; 100 euros
4) Miniature ‘Flirt 2011’, pink flowers from June to October, approx. 50 centimeters high, ADR-awarded, robust variety, 4 bare-roots; 30 euro
5) Catnip ‘Superba’ (Nepeta racemosa), flowers from April to July and after pruning in September, approx. 40 centimeters high, 6 pieces; 20 Euros
6) Magnificent candles ‘Whirling Butterflies’ (Gaura lindheimeri), white flowers from July to October, 60 centimeters high, winter protection required !, 4 pieces; 20 Euros
7) Cranesbill ‘Rozanne’ (geranium hybrid), blue flowers from June to November, approx. 50 centimeters high, 5 pieces; 30 euro
8) Clematis ‘Fond Memories’ (Clematis), flowering from June to October, approx. 2.5 to 4 meters high, suitable for potting, 5 pieces; 50 Euros

All prices are average prices that may vary depending on the provider.

Blue-violet permanent bloomer

The cranesbill ‘Rozanne’ (Geranium x pratense) feels particularly at home in sunny places. This easy-care perennial tirelessly produces new flowers from the end of May until the first frost

Splashing water for relaxation

There is nothing more refreshing than listening to a fountain on hot days and watching the water flow. In fact, such a design element improves the microclimate and really contributes to cooling. Here a large ball was placed in the bed. The water reservoir and pump are hidden under the small gravel area. The sphere can even be lit up at night.

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